Current Installed Software Versions for Mac

The following tables list standard installed software on Chemistry Computers. For more information about a particular application, click on the name for a link to the Manufacturer's website.

Note that some of the listed software requires an additional license.

As updates to software are released frequently, some installed versions may be newer than listed here.

Mac OSX 10.12.x (Mavericks)

Includes Apple Software: Calendar, Contacts, DVD Player, FaceTime, iTunes, Mail, Messages, Preview, QuickTime Player, Safari, Time Machine

Name Version Vendor Type Comments
Adobe Acrobat DC 2015 Adobe PDF Reader requires Adobe CC license or separate purchase
ChemBioDraw Ultra 15 Cambridgesoft Chemical Drawing Chem Dept. Site License Required
Chrome 54.x Google Web Browser  
DataComet Secure 10.2.2 Databeast Telnet Client PennConnect
Fetch 5.7.5 Fetch Softworks SFTP PennConnect
Firefox 49.x Mozilla Web Browser PennConnect
Gaussian 09* 09 C01 Gaussian Scientific Chem Site License Required
Identity Finder 6.x Identity Finder Security Scans for sensitive data
Java 8 Oracle Programming  
Maple* 17 Maplesoft Mathematics Site License Faulty and Staff Only
Microsoft Office 2016 Microsoft Office Suite Includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
University Select License Required
Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 Symantec Security: Antivirus PennConnect
TextWrangler 4.5.x Text Editor
Thunderbird 24.x Mozilla Email Client PennConnect
VLC 2.1.4 Open Source Media Player

* Gaussian and Maple are only installed by request because of licensing and registration.