Printing FAQs

Where can I print posters? »

Color posters can be printed for a fee in the Van Pelt Library Weigle Commons Digital Media Lab.

Where can I copy, scan, or print in Penn Chemistry? »

If you are a graduate student or other researcher who is not yet affiliated with a group, you may use the copying, scanning, and laser printing facilities found in the Chemistry Library on the fifth floor of the Chemistry 1973 building. These services are available for a per-page fee. Please see the Library personnel for more details.

What can I do to make my printer more secure? »

ISC periodically monitors our network for potential security threats. In the past, their scans have concentrated solely on servers and desktop machines. They are now monitoring printers as well. We must each do our part to keep our printers secure and that applies to both new and old printers. Please perform the following actions on all of your printers and contact to update us on the actions taken with each printer:

How can I connect my printer to the network? »

Click here for instructions for network printer setup in Windows.

Still have a question not answered here? Contact the help@chem support staff.