ChemOffice/ChemDraw Professional Support

ChemDraw Reactivation

Penn Chemistry has renewed our license for ChemDraw products for another year.  This extends the license until November 2017.  If you obtained a license prior to Sepetmber 2016, you will need to reactivate your license. Follow the instructions here to reactivate your license.

About the License

The Chemistry Computing Facility has an annual Site License for PerkinElmer's ChemOffice Professional 15 for Windows and ChemDraw Professional 15 for Mac. If you have not taken advantage of this resource yet, please follow the instructions below to request a license.

The license is for both the Windows and Mac versions of the Software. Please note that the Mac version does not contain some features that the Windows version has (most notably, Chem3D). Details about this software can be found here.

Only valid Faculty, Staff, and Students of the Chemistry Department at Penn are eligible for the license. Eligibility will be based on inclusion in the Chemistry Department Directory and the UPenn online Directory. Please be sure you are included in one of these directories to gain access to the software quickly.

Requesting a License

  1. Go to Penn Chemistry’s Site License page here.
  2. Enter your SAS email address ( and click on the Submit button. If you do not have an SAS email address, see workaround here.
  3. If you do not have a Cambridgesoft account set up yet, create an account using your SAS email as the account name. If you have an existing account, log in using your SAS email as the account name.
  4. Download the software installer for your operating system (Mac or Windows) and save it to your computer.
  5. Wait about 15 minutes for your unique serial numbers to be generated.  The install information should be emailed to the email address you provided.  If not, or if you are a non-sas student, continue on with these instructions.
  6. Log into your Cambridgesoft account on the Cambridgesoft site. The account name is usually your SAS email account address.
  7. Click on the “My Downloads” link under the Services heading on the right.
  8. Your serial numbers for both Windows and Mac should appear in the list. Look for version 15 and use these codes for installation and registration.
  9. Run the installer you downloaded and follow the instructions to install using the serial numbers provided to you.
  10. When you start installing your CambridgeSoft software, you will be asked to activate it. Click here for instructions.

Installation Issues

For help with installing, click here.

Cambridgesoft User Account

Users can manage their Cambridgesoft user account by logging in here. All account-related issues can be directed to the Cambridgesoft webmaster.

If you have further questions, please email or contact one of the computing facility staff.