Welcome to Penn Chemistry Computing!

Our office is located in room 116 of the Chem '73 building of the Chemistry complex.
For computing support, please see our support pages or email help@chem.upenn.edu.


Download new software or get support for existing software.

Quick links:
ChemBioDraw license
ChemBioDraw installation issues
Gaussian 09

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Get help with wired and wireless connections, request a new IP address or port activation, and more.

Quick links:
Request a new IP Address
Request an Ethernet port activation
Get help with AirPennNet

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Support for the Chemistry Department clusters or for a server in your group.

Quick links:
coffee.chem support
a.chem support

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Desktop, etc.

Answers to FAQs about desktop machines and printing posters, instructions for Windows Active Directory Drive Mapping, and more.

Quick links:
Desktop FAQs

Desktop Security
Printing FAQs

Request to add printer to DocuSense auto-replenish program

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