Network Printer Setup in Windows XP

Before you begin:

  1. Click on Start  

  2. Click on Printers and Faxes

  3. The Printers and Faxes window opens
  4. On the menu bar select File - Add Printer

  5. The Add Printer Wizard opens

  6. Click the Next> button
  7. Select Local Printer Attached to this computer.
  8. Make sure Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play Printer is NOT selected.

  9. Click the Next> button
  10. Select Create a new Port.
  11. From the Type of port: pull down menu, select Standard TCP/IP Port

  12. Click the Next> button
  13. The  Add Standard TCP/IP Wizard will open

  14. Click the Next> button
  15. In the Printer Name or IP Address, enter the printer's IP address or host name (IP address is preferred.)
  16. The wizard will create a Port Name based on the IP address or host name you entered.  If you want to make it more descriptive, you can change the Port Name.

  17. Click the Next> button
  18. The wizard will display a confirmation page.  Make a note of the Port Name in case you need to re-install the printer.

  19. Click the Finish Button
  20. The Install Printer Software window will appear.
  21. Select your printer's manufacturer from the list on the left
  22. Select your printer's model and driver from the list on the right
  23. If you can't find your printer driver in the list, it may be a newer printer.  Try clicking on the Windows Update button and repeat the last two steps.  If you need to use a specific driver from a disk, click on the Have Disk... button and follow the prompts to choose the driver.

  24. Click the Next> button
  25. The Name Your Printer window will appear. 
  26. Windows will assign a name based on the printer driver you selected.  If you want to make it more descriptive, change the description in the Printer Name box.
  27. If you want this printer to be your default printer, choose the Yes radio button, if not choose the No radio button.

  28. Click the Next> button
  29. The Print Test Page window appears.
  30. Select Yes

  31. Click the Next> button
  32. The wizard will display a confirmation window. 

  33. Click the Finish button.
  34. After a few seconds, files will be copied and drivers will be loaded. A dialog box will appear about your test page.

  35. Click the OK button
  36. Check to see if your test page printed on the printer.